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Need to have your sports-related contract reviewed?
Having doubts about signing? We've got your back.

Contract Review

Have you received a contract but you're unsure about the risks or consequences of signing it? Concerned whether it meets current laws and regulations? Or perhaps you just don't have time to review the fine print?
Let CUBOPRO Team's legal experts review your contract to help you avoid surprises down the road.

As a sports professional—whether you're an athlete, coach, or manager—you want certainty about your contracts. Our legal experts check your contracts for compliance with legal requirements, unexpected risks, and business implications. This way, you can focus on your performance while we take care of the legal details. Our specialized team provides the right advice and guidance for all your contract needs.

Judge's Table

What's included:

  • Compliance check with sports regulations and applicable laws

  • Risk analysis for athletes, coaches, and managers

  • Advice on the best course of action

  • A 30-minute consultation to discuss the review


Price: €96 per contract*

*For contracts up to 1,500 words; an additional fee of €45 for every extra 1,000 words.

How it works:

Request a quote or email

2 Receive a free quote and agree

3 Jurr's lawyers get to work! Within 3-5 business days you will receive the findings

4 If desired, we will schedule a (video) call to discuss the findings


In a hurry? For urgent matters, we charge an urgent rate. Your contract will be reviewed immediately.

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