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CUBOPRO means deals. Our global network allows us to be the first to know whats going on in the Sports industry. We bring you what matches you best.


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 Offer-Demand Matching for:

Investment Rounds.

From start-up to PE

Debt Raising. Banks, institutional lenders, alternative financing

Real Estate.

Facilities, venues


Devices, softwares


Devices, nutrition

Distribution Deals.

Apparel, equipment

Sponsorship Deals

Local Partnership & Joint Ventures Deals


You set the goals, we make them happen​​


We let you share your targeted transaction checklist. You can share high-level goals as well as detailed business and financial requirements for us to review

Depending on your requirement, we will analyse our internal database of potential matches and/or activate our internal network. 


We will propose one or more alternatives. We will assist you during the various stages leading to execution. We will remain available for any further action necessary to make the deal thrive. 


Ticket into a European Private Equity Fund

Assisting in the entry of our client into a Private Equity Fund targeting the acquisition of stakes in European football clubs, from the offer-demand matching to its finalisation.

Start-up investment round

Supporting a SportsTech start-up in its capital raising by researching and matching with strategic investors in the Sports industry, enhancing the companys credibility and strategy.

Local partner for an American Healthcare company

Research and offer of a strategic commercial partner for the business development and expansion of a U.S.-based Healthcare device dedicated to post-injury traumas into European local markets.

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Deals & Transactions

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