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Join our global network and gain access to exclusive deals and insider insights in the dynamic world of sports. Let us bring you the opportunities that perfectly match your goals. Elevate your game with CUBOPRO!


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 Offer-Demand Matching for:

Investment Rounds.

From start-up to PE

Debt Raising. Banks, institutional lenders, alternative financing

Real Estate.

Facilities, venues


Devices, softwares


Devices, nutrition

Distribution Deals.

Apparel, equipment

Sponsorship Deals

Local Partnership & Joint Ventures Deals


CUBOPRO means deals & transactions

You set the goals, we make them happen​​


At CUBOPRO, we turn your goals into reality. Share your targeted transaction checklist with us, including high-level objectives and specific business and financial criteria for our evaluation.


Based on your requirements, we will conduct a thorough analysis using our internal database and activate our vast network to identify potential matches. Expect us to present you with one or more tailored alternatives.


Count on us to guide you through each stage leading to execution, offering continuous support to ensure the success and growth of your deals. Let's make your visions a thriving reality with CUBOPRO by your side.


CUBOPRO means deals & transactions

Seamless Access to European Private Equity Funds

We assisted our client in the process of joining a Private Equity fund focused on acquiring stakes in prestigious European football clubs. From the offer-demand matching phase to the finalisation of the deal, our dedicated assistance ensured a smooth and successful investment path.

Start-up investment round


We supported a SportsTech start-up in its capital raising through research and matching with strategic investors in the sports industry, strengthening the company's credibility and strategy.

Local partner for an American Healthcare company

We assisted our client in finding and offering a strategic business partner for business development and expansion of a U.S.-based healthcare device dedicated to post-injury trauma in local European markets.

And much more! Reach out to us to see if our track record matches your requirements.

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