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Keep pace with innovation. 


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Numbers are clear: while sports are essential to individual health and, at the same time, represent a rapidly evolving industry, entities and professionals are surprisingly far behind expressing their full potential. ​


We work hard everyday to unlock this hidden value through tailor-made analyses and projects. ​


We offer fully-digital services to active members of the sports and esports industry, as well as to potential newcomers.


We help them improving their current position – being it their investments portfolio, their digital performance, their distribution channels, their career.

Creating a strong, virtuous connection between sports, esports and finance is crucial to us.


Acting as a vertical player, CuboPro aims to create, innovate and connect the ways people make business in the industry.


Our ultimate goal is to increase the overall profitability of the sports and esports industry, engaging local communities and supporters as well.

Development, Growth & Sales — CuboPro

Flexible terms, full trust

Our clients appreciate our flexibility when it comes to our contractual terms.


You can involve us in your plans as a short-term, one-time support up until a long-term business enabler. 

Of course, the more we know you and your targets, the more we can help you achieve them. This is the reason why we tend to encourage longer term relationships. 


Development, Growth & Sales — CuboPro

Real estate development of a multi-sport​s facility


CuboPro provided the international offer-demand matching for the project, carried out the related support activities for both parties with respect to the execution of the transaction and the start-up phase of the project.

International development campaign of a sports franchise towards North America


CuboPro opened its first-tier network to a sports franchise company, provided the supporting market analyses, business cases and documentation, enabled and finalised local partnerships and agreements.

Sponsorship deals and commercial agreements


CuboPro has actively contributed to increasing the club’s sponsors portfolio, including by pairing with strategic non-competing companies, pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Brand awareness in Asia 



CuboPro has acted as a facilitator of client placement in some identified Asian cities regarding its club and athletes, including through local network development with one-to-one and one-to-many sports clinics and coaching.

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Development, Growth & Sales

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